Jens Søndergaard Diskografi

De nyeste udgivelser kan købes på iTunes og i JazzCup i Gothersgade i København:

As leader:

2013: Niels Wilhelm Knudsens Quintet (Se bilag)

2012: More Golson (Se bilag)

2008: Kenny Werner & Jens Søndergaard (Se bilag)

2005: A bad case of jazz - Music Mecca (Se bilag)

2000: Cool Scandinavian Five (BIBA records BIBA 006)

1993: Backyard Blues (Music Mecca CD1036-2) The Gaard Quintet with Torolf Mølgaard

1992: Lee Konitz Jazzpar Prize 1992 (Storyville STCD 4181) The Jazzpar Nonet directed by Jens Søndergaard

1989: Jazz to Come Home to (Right Tone RILP 005)

1989: Konitz in Denmark (Right Tone RILP 006) Lee Konitz with Jens Søndergaard Quartet

1989: Just Friends (Right Tone RLP 011) with Enrico Pieranunzi, Italy

1987: No Coast (Storyville SLP 4126) Jens Søndergaard Quartet

As sideman:

1968: Leonardo Pedersens Jazzkapel (CSA Records)

1976: Leonardo Pedersens Jazzkapel (Storyville SLP 271) with Harry "Sweets" Edison and Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis

1979: Five O'clock Jam (SB-LP 29100) with Ole Nezer

1979: Swingstyrke 7 + 1 (Ophelia ORLP 2035-37) with Ed Thigpen and Richard Boone

1980: Mayday (ADM 1001) with Poul Godske/Lars Blach and Etta Cameron

1983: Easy (Danica DLP 8034) with Etta Cameron Group

1987: My Gospel (Danica DLP 8090) with Etta Cameron

1989: Nina and the Moodmakers (Olufsen DOC 5087)

1992: Livet er Levende (PRO-CD 001) Brøndbyvester Church Children Choir

1993: Plays Butch Lacy (Right Tone CD 015) with Klüver's Big Band

1994: The Heat is on (Right Tone CD 019) Klüver's Big Band with Jesper Thilo and Finn Ziegler

1995: Swinging Svendborg (Music Mecca)

1995: Count on it (Inter Music INTCD 027) Klüvers Big Band

1995: Jazz & Poesi (ISBN 87-90284-31-3) Jazz and Poetry with Peter Poulsen

1997: A string of Pearls, Ib Glindemann and his orchestra ( Mega MRCD3374

1999: Fine moments of Jazz ( O.Bram CD1)

2000: Swing Shoes m. Ib Glindeman (Mega records)

2000: Just Friends, Majken og Fjeldtetten (Music Mecca CD3038-2)

2000: Jazz & Poesi, Peter Poulsen (Vindrose CD)

2001: Lise Reinau and her Old Stars

2004: 50 Years on Stage m.Ib Glindeman (MEGA records)

2005: The Cape Connection (intermusic)

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